Trendit Shines at Seamless North Africa Exhibition, Showcasing Innovative Technologies in the Smart Payment Field!

As a global leader in smart payment terminal solutions, Trendit made a remarkable appearance at the Seamless North Africa 2023 exhibition held in Cairo, Egypt on July 17-18. The company showcased a diverse range of intelligent POS terminals and solutions.


Seamless North Africa is one of the most significant events in the North African region for payments, fintech, and banking technology, attracting over 150 industry speakers and more than 4000 attendees from around the world. Notable participants included the Central Bank of Egypt, Bank MISR, National Bank of Egypt, and e-finance banking organization, among others. As an authoritative platform, the exhibition provided Trendit with an excellent opportunity to showcase its innovative technologies.


At the forefront of attention was Trendit’s TMS cloud infrastructure service, while their latest intelligent POS product, the S680, received widespread acclaim. The S680 boasts a powerful quad-core and finance-grade CPU, providing exceptional computing power and stability to effortlessly handle payment transactions and multiple applications simultaneously. Its thermal receipt printer swiftly produces clear receipts, and the dual cameras support efficient barcode and QR code scanning, simplifying the payment process. With a long-lasting battery life, frequent charging is avoided.


The S680 supports both 2.4G and 5G wireless connections and is equipped with robust encryption and a secure payment system, ensuring transaction safety. Trendit offers customers a reliable payment guarantee, as this Android POS has undergone multiple international financial security certifications, making it suitable for retail, dining, and service industries. It features a 6-inch high-definition color display, providing vivid image quality for an exceptional visual experience. The POS runs on the user-friendly Android 10 operating system and offers expandable memory to meet extensive data processing needs. This has sparked significant interest among potential customers, leading to fruitful discussions during the event.


In addition to the S680, Trendit also showcased several other products, including the traditional Linux T3 terminal, cloud sound box P3, and cloud printer P8. These offerings not only provided on-site customers with more choices but also demonstrated Trendit’s diverse development capabilities and technical prowess in the payment terminal field. The display of these products will positively impact customers’ payment experiences and further solidify Trendit’s position and influence in the industry.


During the exhibition, many industry clients, including banks, agents, software developers, PSPs, e-commerce websites, etc., expressed their approval of Trendit’s products and services. They expressed a willingness to maintain communication and explore further business collaborations.


This exhibition marked Trendit’s first appearance in the Egyptian market, as it joined hands with its latest POS and cloud payment terminal product solutions to make its debut at Seamless North Africa. The company provided differentiated solutions for local and pan-African banks, financial institutions, and payment companies, as well as offered competitive smart payment terminals for more SMEs, gaining attention and recognition from local clients. Moving forward, Trendit will continue to focus on digital payments in the business sector, driving the digital transformation of the commercial society. The company remains committed to providing valuable products and services to customers, continuously creating value for them, and establishing Trendit as a trusted partner in the payment industry.

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