Trendit’s First Exhibition Success at Seamless Asia 2024

Introduction to the Exhibition

On February 20-21, Trendit made its debut at Seamless Asia 2024, a major mobile payment and electronic banking exhibition held in Singapore. This marked Trendit’s first overseas exhibition of 2024. Seamless Asia 2024, organized by Terrapinn, is one of the global series of smart card exhibitions and is a professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region for financial technology and payment solutions. The exhibition brought together professionals from global financial, payment, e-commerce, and retail industries to showcase the latest financial technology and payment solutions.


Seamless Asia provided Trendit with a valuable opportunity to showcase its latest technological advancements and establish new partnerships. With its precise service experience in banking, financial institutions, and telecommunications operators, Trendit is committed to providing top-notch financial payment terminal products and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.


Highlights of the Exhibition

The intelligent POS system was the highlight of the exhibition, with Trendit showcasing its flagship product, the S680 Android payment POS terminal series. The S680 features a large 6-inch screen, resembling a full-screen Android phone, providing merchants with a smooth payment experience, reducing operational errors, and improving efficiency. Its powerful quad-core and financial-grade CPU ensure excellent computing performance, ensuring fast payments and seamless switching between multiple applications. The dual-camera configuration allows merchants to conveniently use QR codes from aggregated electronic wallets for payment and other operations. These core features meet the application requirements of digital payments in Southeast Asia, garnering much attention and recognition. It is a fully-featured flagship financial payment POS terminal with excellent value for money.


Trendit’s QR payment products, combined with the MQTT solution and its independently developed TMS system, precisely address customer pain points, successfully attracting the attention of many attendees. During the exhibition, Trendit engaged in discussions with various parties on industry developments and trend trends, making QR code payments more suitable for local market development.

P3 海报2

Trendit P3, a QR code payment terminal launched by Trendit, features a unique design that integrates QR codes and real-time account broadcasting functions, allowing consumers and merchants to quickly confirm transaction statuses through voice broadcasts. The broadcasting language can be customized according to the customer’s nationality, enabling efficient cashiering, all in one machine! Trendit’s professional technical support team ensures fast debugging and deployment, providing customers with time-saving and worry-free pre-sales and after-sales services.


At the exhibition, many potential customers personally experienced the complete process of the P3 QR cloud speaker product. They learned that the payment process is more stable, reliable, and efficient, and were satisfied with the experience. Customers highly appreciated Trendit’s products and expressed willingness to try and promote this advanced payment method.


Future Vision

The Asia-Pacific market is crucial for Trendit, as its financial terminals, including POS and QR devices, are well suited to the digital innovation trends in this market. In the future, Trendit will establish dedicated local support teams in these locations to ensure seamless deployment and customer service.

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In this dynamic and information-sharing environment, Trendit has demonstrated a strong confidence in the Southeast Asian business environment. Leveraging its successful experience domestically, Trendit will introduce higher-quality hardware products and more comprehensive industry solutions to the Southeast Asian market in the future, aiming to meet the needs of local customers and achieve win-win cooperation with partners.

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