Trendit Shines at Seamless North Africa Exhibition, Showcasing Innovative Technologies in the Smart Payment Field!


Trendit, a leading innovator in smart payment terminal solutions, demonstrated its pioneering role in the development of mobile POS technologies at the Seamless North Africa 2023 exhibition. The company showcased a broad array of intelligent POS terminals, with a particular focus on advanced mobile POS terminal solutions, highlighting their impact on transforming payment processes across various sectors.


This landmark event took place in Cairo, Egypt, from July 17-18, 2023. It brought together over 150 industry leaders and attracted more than 4000 attendees globally, including significant participants like the Central Bank of Egypt, Bank MISR, and the National Bank of Egypt.

Seamless North Africa stands as a crucial platform in the region for payments, fintech, and banking technology. Trendit seized this opportunity to exhibit the versatility and efficiency of its mobile POS terminals. By doing so, Trendit reaffirmed its commitment to catering to the dynamic needs of modern businesses and consumers, thereby strengthening its leadership in the global market for smart payment solutions.


Trendit’s Showcased Products

S680 Series: Handheld POS Terminals

At a recent industry event, Trendit captured significant attention with its TMS cloud infrastructure service and its latest innovation, the S680 Smart Android POS. This device, renowned for its advanced features, has received widespread acclaim for enhancing operational efficiency in retail and service sectors.

Features of the S680 Smart Android POS
Performance: The S680 is powered by a robust quad-core, finance-grade CPU, enabling it to handle multiple applications and payment transactions with ease. This high-performance capability ensures it operates efficiently in demanding environments.
Functionality Enhancements:
Printing and Scanning: It includes a rapid thermal receipt printer for quick, clear receipt generation and dual cameras for efficient barcode and QR code scanning, streamlining the payment process.
Battery Life: The extended battery life reduces the need for frequent recharging, facilitating uninterrupted operations.
Connectivity: It supports both 2.4G and 5G wireless connections, ensuring reliable transaction handling.
Security: Equipped with robust encryption and a secure payment system, the S680 meets stringent international financial security standards, making it suitable for a wide range of sectors including retail, dining, and services.
Display and Usability:
Display: Features a 6-inch high-definition color display that enhances user and customer experience with vivid image quality.
Operating System: Runs on the user-friendly Android 10 operating system, with expandable memory options to handle extensive data processing needs.


Additional Products and Impact

Diverse Product Range: In addition to the S680, Trendit showcased other products including the Linux T3 terminal, QR code payment sound box P3, and cloud printer P8. These products provide customers with a variety of options and demonstrate Trendit’s technical prowess and development capabilities in the payment terminal field.
Market Impact: The display of these innovative products not only met with considerable interest from potential customers but also facilitated productive discussions, reinforcing Trendit’s strong position and influence within the industry.

6Impact and Reception

During the exhibition, numerous attendees including banks, agents, and PSPs expressed strong endorsement of Trendit’s offerings, particularly the Smart S680 Android POS. They were impressed by the performance and reliability of the products, indicating a keen interest in maintaining dialogue and pursuing further business collaborations with Trendit. This enthusiastic feedback underscores the effective engagement Trendit achieved with its target audience, fostering potential partnerships and ongoing customer relationships.


Trendit’s debut at the exhibition highlighted its dedication to the region through the introduction of tailored POS and cloud payment terminal solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of local and pan-African banks, financial institutions, and payment companies. The focus on bespoke solutions for the unique demands of these markets, along with products aimed at supporting SMEs, reflects Trendit’s strategic approach to impacting the retail and service industries. This adaptability and innovation are crucial for expanding Trendit’s market presence and enhancing the digital payment infrastructure in North Africa.



The exhibition served as Trendit’s landmark debut in the Egyptian market, where it showcased its innovative POS and cloud payment terminal solutions at Seamless North Africa. Emphasizing its commitment to the region, Trendit delivered bespoke solutions tailored for the unique needs of local and pan-African banks, financial institutions, and payment companies. Additionally, Trendit introduced its competitive Smart Android POS and cloud payment terminals, designed to meet the dynamic needs of SMEs, thereby capturing the interest and gaining recognition from local clientele.

As Trendit moves forward, it will continue to prioritize digital payment solutions within the business sector, spearheading the digital transformation across commercial landscapes. The company is dedicated to supplying high-value products and services, fostering continuous value creation for its customers. This steadfast commitment cements Trendit’s position as a reliable and innovative partner in the burgeoning payment industry, underscoring its dedication to advancing digital payment technologies and supporting the growth of businesses in Egypt and beyond.

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