Smart Android POS System

Smart Android POS System

Trendit Makes its Debut at Seamless 2023, Saudi Arabia’s Premier Payments and Fintech Exhibition!

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On September 4-5, 2023, Seamless Payments & Fintech took place successfully in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as scheduled. As one of the most significant gatherings in the Western Asian region dedicated to payments, fintech, and banking technology, this exhibition drew in more than 20,000 global attendees and over 500 exhibitors showcasing their latest payment products and solutions.

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As a leading global manufacturer of payment terminals and solution provider, Trendit made its debut at the event, presenting its independently developed payment POS terminals and cloud loT products and solutions. The company’s presence garnered attention from fintech companies specializing in serving small and medium-sized businesses.

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This marks a significant milestone as Trendit actively expands its financial payment terminal solutions into countries within the Middle East region, offering distinctive value propositions to financial institutions and acquiring banks in the region.

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The payment POS Android terminal series S680 from Trendit has garnered significant attention, thanks to its outstanding design and multifunctional features. With its generous 6-inch screen, it resembles a full-screen Android smartphone, providing merchants with a seamless payment experience that reduces errors and boosts efficiency. The powerful quad-core processor and financial-grade CPU ensure exceptional computing performance, guaranteeing swift payments and seamless switching between multiple applications. Additionally, the dual-camera setup simplifies the use of aggregated electronic wallets’ QR codes for payment collection and other operations.

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In addition to POS terminal products, Trendit also showcased its innovative Cloud loT terminal series.

P3 Series – This innovative Cloud loT terminal product combines hardware with MOTT solutions to meet the static QR code payment needs of international merchants.

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It also features a multilingual voice broadcasting function through a cloud speaker.

P8 Series – Specifically designed for food delivery merchants, the PB Series offers ad cloud printer that provides aggregated foodservice SaaS value-added services.

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Trendit engaged in fruitful discussions with numerous fintech experts who seek superior payment devices and pursue the ultimate product experience. During these exchanges, we shared our insights and perspectives on payment terminals, explored future trends in payment terminal solutions, and engaged in lively and friendly discussions about the evolving paths of payment methods. This exhibition not only facilitated the exchange of the latest product knowledge and future directions in payment terminals but also allowed us to listen to the application needs of our fintech partners Furthermore, we delved deep into discussions about the future competitive landscape and collaboration opportunities in the Middle Eastem market.

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Throunhout our icurney Trendit has remained committer to its core neincinle of creatinn value for customers We are steartfast in our dedieally advanced financial nayment devices and solutinns Our aim is tr come a trusted partner for customers in the pavment industry.

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