Reliable POS Terminal and Payment Solution Provider

Trendit Technclogy is a leading company specialising in providing stable transaction solutions.With a focus on POS hardware and software, we meet the transaction needs of varicus industries, offering secure and reliable solutions to our clients.

With over 2.5 million merchants annually choosing our POS products and services, our Cloud Printer and Online Ordering SAAS sollutions trusted by over 300,000 merchants, and cloud printers serving more than 500,000 overseas clients for QR code payments, we have earned the recognition and trust of our customers.

Our competitive advantage lies in our strong research and development capabilities and stable supply chain partnerships. More than 10% of our profit is invested annually in research and development, continucusly enhancing our care technologies. Through long-term collaborations with reliable suppliers, we adhere to advanced production processes and quality inspection standards, ensuring prompt product delivery and meeting customer requirements.

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Company Achievements

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Annual production capacity exceeds 10 million units
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120+ employees
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Annual sales amount over 300 million RMB
1 000+
Trendit owns 6,000+ SQM factory buildings
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100+patents, copyrights, license
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80+ senior engineers
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Future prospect

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Digital Transformation and Technological Innovation

Utilize technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency and customer experience.

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Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

Focus on environmental sustainability, undertake social responsibility, invest in renewable energy, and support community projects.

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Customer Experience and Personalized Services

Prioritize creating excellent customer experiences, and provide personalized services through data-driven decision-making.

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