Annual Gala | Towards the Future, Striving Together — Trendit’s 2024 New Year Celebration Successfully Concluded

With determination and hard work, not letting time slip away,

Grateful for your company in our journey,

Welcoming the new year, stepping forward confidently.


On January 30, 2024, Trendit’s “2024, Towards the Future, Striving Together” New Year celebration took place as scheduled. Company leaders and colleagues gathered together to welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

All employees and guests arrived at the event, leaving their signatures and capturing moments at the signature wall.


2023 Year-end Summary and Recognition Ceremony

As the seasons change and a new chapter begins, the unity and hard work of 2023 led to a year of continuous growth! Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to chase dreams and continue progressing!


Mr. Hu Wei, the CEO, delivered a speech on the theme “2024, Towards the Future, Striving Together,” reviewing the company’s journey since its establishment in 2016 and reiterating the entrepreneurial spirit: Trendit is committed to becoming a global leader in payment solutions. He also expressed expectations for the company’s next three years, drawing inspiration from outstanding companies like Huawei: creating value and sharing benefits.

Simultaneously, the CEO recognized and awarded outstanding employees for their hard work and contributions in 2023. It is the selfless dedication and efforts of each employee that resulted in exceeding performance and the rise of international collaborations.


2024 New Year Welcome Party

With the enthusiastic opening words of the host and the warm applause of the guests, the annual celebration officially began.

Led by CEO Hu and the executives, all employees raised their glasses to record every glorious moment we’ve shared. Cheers to the company, to the clients, to ourselves, and to the future.

The event showcased various talents of Trendit employees, adding vibrant colors to the entire banquet.


Lucky Draw

Delicious dishes, exciting performances, and grand prizes. The atmosphere was lively during the lucky draw, with joyous cheers and excitement, elevating the festive mood to new heights.


Riding the Waves, Forging Ahead

As the years quietly turn the relentless wheel of time, and the sun passionately ignites the flame of life.

When 2876 days and nights have become yesterday, from 2016 to 2024, Trendit has entered its eighth year.

These eight years, we have remained grounded, continuously innovating, delving into technology, striving for brilliance, pursuing dreams with passion, without fear.

In 2024, Trendit will continue to move forward courageously, seeking more, and striving tirelessly, winning the market with technology, and building success through integrity!

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