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Seamless Africa 2023, held in Johannesburg on September 19-20, 2023, concluded successfully. This event is recognized as one of the most important gatherings in Africa, prominently featuring key sectors such as payments, fintech, retail, and e-commerce. Its successful conclusion underscores its role as a pivotal platform for industry leaders and innovators across the continent.

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Trendit’s Participation

As a global leader in payment terminal manufacturing and solutions, Trendit made its first appearance in the South African market during this event. At the exhibition, Trendit showcased its range of independently developed payment products, including flagship Android terminals and cloud IoT products. This marked a significant step in Trendit’s proactive expansion of its financial payment terminal devices into Southern African countries, signaling its commitment to extending its market reach and influence in the region.

Overview of Trendit’s POS Terminal Series

S680 Series: Advanced Android POS Terminals

  • Screen Size: Features a large 6-inch display, designed to resemble a full-screen Android smartphone, enhancing the user interface.
  • Performance: Equipped with a powerful quad-core and financial-grade CPU for outstanding computing power, ensuring swift transactions and seamless multitasking across various applications.
  • Functionality: Includes a dual-camera setup for efficient QR code scanning, supporting a wide range of e-wallets which simplifies the payment process.
  • Market Adaptation: Tailored to meet the digital payment needs of the South African market, the S680 series is recognized as a feature-rich and cost-effective solution for merchants, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing errors.

T3 Series: Robust Linux POS Terminals

  • Design: Offers a compact and portable form factor with a rugged build, making it ideal for frequent handling.
  • Durability and Performance: Known for stable performance and being part of the next generation of cost-effective handheld wireless payment devices.
  • Features: Provides exceptional battery life and high-speed silent thermal printing. Supports a variety of communication methods, including 4G, 2G, and WiFi.
  • Versatility: Configuration options are extensive, including 2D barcode scanning, contactless payment capabilities, and support for magnetic cards, IC cards, and NFC, addressing diverse merchant needs.

P3 Series: Innovative QR Code Payment Sound Box Terminals

  • Innovation: A groundbreaking cloud terminal product that combines robust hardware with MQTT solutions to cater to the static QR code payment requirements of international merchants.
  • Additional Features: Features a cloud horn with multilingual voice broadcasting capabilities, enhancing customer interactions and providing a versatile payment solution.

P8 Series: Specialized Cloud Printers for Food Delivery

  • Purpose-Designed: Specifically engineered for food delivery services, this series integrates a cloud printer with aggregated catering SaaS value-added services, optimizing operations for food delivery merchants.

Each product line is designed to address specific market demands and technological needs, solidifying Trendit’s position as a leader in payment solutions. These terminals not only meet the diverse operational requirements of merchants but also provide scalable solutions that adapt to the evolving digital payment landscape.

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Trendit Exhibition Highlights at Seamless Africa 2023

Engagement and Interest

Trendit’s display captivated numerous local banking clients, generating significant interest due to its strong track record in the domestic market and the high quality of its hardware products. These products were noted for offering solutions that differ in value from industry standards, appealing broadly to the attendees.
Key software integration service providers from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Nigeria participated in substantive discussions about business models with a focus on the sub-markets of Android smart POS and Linux system POS. The engagement was marked by mutual excitement about the potential applications and benefits of Trendit’s technology.

Product Discussions and Business Opportunities

Trendit showcased its leading technologies, including the intelligent Android terminal S680, the traditional Linux terminal T3, the innovative QR code payment sound box P3, and the specialized restaurant printer P8. These products are designed to fulfill a diverse array of financial hardware needs across various payment scenarios in South Africa.
Throughout the exhibition, the Trendit international market sales team engaged actively with potential clients, including numerous banks and distribution channel partners, discussing specific application scenarios and technical specifications of their payment terminals. These discussions were met with enthusiasm and led to recognition of Trendit’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Achievements and Future Prospects

The interactive sessions and demonstrations at Trendit’s booth led to a substantial number of banks and independent software developers requesting samples and arranging follow-up technical discussions. This response underscores the strong interest in Trendit’s solutions and paves the way for further expansion in the African market.
The interest in Trendit’s TMS integration solution and the SaaS system of the restaurant printer P8 was particularly notable, highlighting Trendit’s ability to offer tailored, technologically advanced solutions that meet the specific needs of the food service industry and beyond.

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Outcome and Future Prospects of Trendit at Seamless Africa 2023

Positive Feedback and Strong Interest in Trendit’s Offerings

The exhibition was a resounding success for Trendit, as evidenced by the enthusiastic response from attendees. The advanced features and capabilities of Trendit’s payment terminals—such as the Android terminal S680, the Linux terminal T3, the QR code payment sound box P3, and the restaurant printer P8—received substantial attention and praise. This positive feedback was highlighted by the significant interest from various stakeholders, including numerous local banks and software integration service providers who requested samples and scheduled in-depth technical discussions. These interactions confirm a robust interest in Trendit’s innovative solutions, tailored to meet diverse market needs effectively.

Confidence in the South African Market and Potential for Fruitful Results

Trendit’s strong showing at the exhibition solidified its confidence in the South African market as a fertile ground for growth. The company’s successful demonstration of its technology and the keen interest shown by the local and regional financial sectors underscore the potential for Trendit to achieve substantial results. The engagement with local professionals and industry leaders provided valuable insights, enabling Trendit to better understand the local requirements and refine its offerings accordingly.

Foundation for Future Sales and Business Expansion in the African Region

The connections and engagements forged during Seamless Africa 2023 have laid a solid foundation for Trendit’s future business endeavors in the region. The initial discussions and the planned follow-up meetings are poised to transition into lasting relationships and contracts, facilitating the expansion of Trendit’s sales network across Africa. With its commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative payment solutions, Trendit is well-positioned to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in Africa’s growing fintech landscape, driving further expansion and consolidating its presence in new markets.



The successful participation at the exhibition not only reinforced Trendit’s position as a leader in payment solutions but also laid a solid foundation for future sales and the expansion of their payment terminals in the African region. This event has been a pivotal step in strengthening Trendit’s market presence and building lasting business relationships.

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