Trendit Returns to Digital Pay Expo 2024, Showcasing Cutting-Edge Payment Technology

Trendit at Digital Pay Expo 2024: Exhibition Overview

Digital Pay Expo 2024 successfully took place in Lagos, Nigeria, from June 5th to 6th. Over the past decade, the modernization of payments has rapidly evolved. The value of digital payment transactions is expected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2025. The expansion of payment service providers, Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), and API software development have all accelerated the transformation of electronic payments during the global pandemic. Real-time and instant payments 24/7, the migration to scalable cloud payment-as-a-service platforms, and the rise of cryptocurrencies and digital wallets offer more payment options for both customers and businesses.

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As a leader in smart payments, aggregated payments, and delivery business solutions, Trendit Technology made its second appearance at the Lagos Digital Pay Expo 2024. At this expo, Trendit analyzed the payment habits of “Millennials and Generation Z” through forums. They focused on these groups’ critical impact on the payment industry to develop solutions that could win their loyalty and the entire market’s.

Highlights of Trendit’s Participation at Digital Pay Expo

A variety of payment devices were showcased at this grand event. Smart POS systems remained the star attraction. Trendit displayed its flagship product, the S680. This device features a 6-inch large screen, providing merchants with a smooth payment operation experience. Its powerful quad-core and financial-grade CPU ensure excellent computing performance. It supports quick payments and seamless app switching. The dual cameras facilitate merchants’ use of aggregated electronic wallet QR codes for payment operations. The S680’s functional configuration meets all market demands for digital payments. It is a comprehensive and cost-effective flagship financial POS terminal.

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Trendit’s T3 series POS products cater to diverse market needs, offering multiple options. Its sleek design integrates QR codes, magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, and NFC functions. With long battery life and high-speed silent printing, it supports various communication methods. Its stable performance and simple appearance make it a highly cost-effective handheld wireless payment terminal. At the expo, many customers experienced the payment process firsthand. They appreciated the stable, reliable, and efficient payment experience.


Trendit also introduced a new product at the expo – a multifunctional payment cloud speaker. This product meets the needs of various application scenarios, providing customers with a wider range of choices. It is suitable for restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and more. Trendit’s payment cloud speaker series became one of the most eye-catching products at the expo. It is ideal for enhancing payment efficiency and user experience.


Trendit’s Future Vision for Payment Solutions

Trendit understands the importance of the international market. They view it as a crucial stage for expanding the diversity of the payment ecosystem. The company’s financial payment terminals align closely with the trends of digital innovation in the international market. In the future, Trendit plans to establish local support teams in these key markets. This will ensure smooth deployment and customer service.


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In this dynamic and information-rich environment, Trendit demonstrated its strong confidence in the African business landscape. They plan to leverage their successful domestic experience, introducing higher-quality hardware products and more comprehensive industry solutions. These efforts aim to meet local customer needs and achieve win-win results with their partners.

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