Trendit smart POS System digital pay expo 2023 has come to a perfect conclusion!


Following the last Seamless Middle East 2023 Dubai Payment Exhibition, TRENDIT is still accelerating its pace of entering the international market. On June 7-8, TRENDIT participated in the Digital Pay Expo 2023 held in Lagos, Nigeria. TRENDIT was featured in local media reports:

The theme of Digital Pay Expo this year is “The Future is Contactless”. One of the most exciting new applications being launched in the payment space is contactless payments, a unique advancement that has revolutionized the way people transact for goods and services while on the go. With the rise of mobile payments, contactless credit cards, and other payment systems in recent years, this trend clearly isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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Event Highlights

TRENDIT’s products fit the theme of “The Future is Contactless”. A variety of contactless payment terminals were newly unveiled at Digital Pay Expo 2023, attracting many local customers from Nigeria. Visitors stopped frequently and came in for interaction with our team because they wanted to know more details about our product and business strategy.

Diversified products and intelligent industry solutions have been highly recognized and praised by exhibitors. Customers have affirmed the differentiated value of TRENDIT products after the experience. The guests further conducted a lot of in-depth exchanges on future product customization needs with TRENDIT.

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Product Features

Description of the flagship product S680 and its features

 TRENDIT’s new flagship product, the S680, has gained considerable popularity among customers at the exhibition. This high-quality smart POS terminal operates on Android and features a user-friendly interface. Its standout feature is a large 6-inch screen, enhancing the user experience with its size and clarity.


Overview of the T3 handheld POS and cloud terminal products

The T3 handheld POS is a compact and robust traditional POS terminal noted for its portability, long battery life, and high-speed silent thermal printing. It supports various communication methods including 4G, 2G, and WiFi, and offers multiple payment options like magnetic and IC cards, and NFC scanning. This device meets industry security standards and can host several value-added services. Additionally, TRENDIT’s innovative cloud terminal products with MQTT solutions cater to international merchants with features like multilingual voice broadcast for static QR codes, automatic order printing, and voice services for takeaway and cloud-based applications.


Customer Interaction and Feedback

TRENDIT ‘s self-innovated cloud terminal product hardware and MQTT solution meets the needs of many international merchants for static QR code multilingual voice broadcast, and provides automatic printing orders and voice broadcast services for takeaway merchants and cloud-based APP service providers. As the world’s leading provider of smart payment terminal solutions, this move has also won praise from many customers.

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TRENDIT’s trip has been fruitful. This exhibition has effectively enhanced the contact and interaction between the company and customers, and also laid a solid foundation and good me mentum for exploring a broader international market and finding more partners.In the future, TRENDIT will continue to improve product functions and research and development, and present high-quality payment smart terminal products and solutions to global char nel partners and customers with innovative and breakthrough products, rich implementation experience and professional service teams.

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Outcomes and Future Plans

The Digital Pay Expo 2023 was a significant success for TRENDIT, highlighting the company’s strong presence in the global market. TRENDIT’s demonstration of advanced POS solutions like the S680 and T3 received notable attention, reinforcing its position in the industry. Looking ahead, TRENDIT plans to further penetrate international markets by leveraging its innovative technologies and customer-centric solutions.

Committed to remaining at the forefront of the smart payment industry, TRENDIT continues to focus on innovation. The company is dedicated to enhancing its products and services, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of global merchants. This includes refining their cloud terminal offerings and expanding features that support dynamic QR codes, voice services, and more, to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.


The Digital Pay Expo 2023 was a key event for TRENDIT, reinforcing its international stature and presenting its advanced contactless payment solutions, including the S680 smart Android POS terminal and the T3 handheld POS machine.The event not only attracted considerable attention from local customers and media but also fostered meaningful interactions, setting the stage for further international expansion. TRENDIT’s commitment to innovation was evident, promising ongoing enhancements and new features to meet evolving market needs and enhance customer engagement worldwide.

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