Trendit Shines at AUTOCOM Expo in Brazil


Overview of AUTOCOM 2024

From April 9th to 11th, Trendit made its appearance at AUTOCOM 2024 in Brazil, a professional stage for retail automation technology. AUTOCOM is a specialized platform for retail automation technology, integrating hardware, software, AIDC/RFID, payment methods, startups, e-commerce, and distribution channels into a diversified event. Here, manufacturers can not only develop new software and hardware but also provide integrated and professional retail automation solutions. This is the main business automation event in Latin America, bringing together the largest technology suppliers, sales channels, and retailers for over 20 years, serving as an important platform for exchange between automation and business ecosystems.

Significance of AUTOCOM as a platform for retail automation technology in Latin America

AUTOCOM stands as a pivotal platform for retail automation technology in Latin America, providing a crucial meeting point for innovators, manufacturers, and retailers from across the region. For over two decades, this event has fostered technological advancement and integration across a wide spectrum of sectors, including hardware, software, and payment solutions. By showcasing state-of-the-art advancements in AIDC/RFID, e-commerce, and smart payment systems, AUTOCOM not only encourages the adoption of cutting-edge technologies but also stimulates collaborative efforts among key industry players. This event effectively addresses the evolving needs of the market by integrating diverse technologies and promoting new business opportunities, making it an essential arena for discussion, exchange, and influence in the automation landscape of Latin America.

Introduction to Trendit and its role in the event

As a leading company in smart payment, cloud printing, and payment solutions, Trendit showcased its latest technological achievements at AUTOCOM, including the introduction of both Linux POS machines and Android POS terminals. These developments highlighted the latest trends in smart payment and retail, allowing Trendit to share and discuss industry trends and the future direction of innovations in depth. The addition of Linux and Android POS systems reflects Trendit’s commitment to providing versatile and advanced technological solutions, catering to the diverse needs of the retail market and ensuring compatibility and efficiency across different operating platforms.



Expo Highlights Recap

Introducing Android POS Terminal-S680

Trendit showcased its flagship product at AUTOCOM, the S680, a state-of-the-art Android POS terminal. This device stands out as a highlight of the exhibition due to its advanced features and robust performance, tailored specifically for the digital payment needs of the Latin American market. Designed to resemble a full-screen Android smartphone, the S680 offers merchants a user-friendly interface combined with powerful technical specifications.

Android POS Terminal-S680 Function Description

  • Large 6-inch Screen: The S680 is equipped with a large, full-screen interface that provides a clear view and touch control, enhancing the user’s interaction and making it easier to manage transactions.
  • High-Performance Hardware: Powered by a quad-core, financial-grade CPU, the S680 delivers exceptional computing performance, enabling fast payment processing and efficient multitasking across various applications.
  • Dual-Camera Configuration: This feature allows for the scanning of QR codes from aggregated e-wallets, facilitating a variety of payment methods and operations with ease.
  • Enhanced Payment Experience: The design and technological enhancements of the S680 help reduce operational errors and improve work efficiency, making it an ideal solution for merchants looking to streamline their transaction processes.

The S680 has garnered significant attention and recognition as a fully-featured, flagship financial acquiring POS terminal, meeting the evolving requirements of sophisticated digital payments in the region.

Android Linux RTOS三版本

Introducing Mobile Payment POS Machine-T3 Series

The Trendit T3 series includes models running on Android, Linux, and RTOS, making it a versatile choice for customers with different technological preferences. This series has been designed as mobile payment terminals that combine functionality with style, catering to the diverse needs of the retail and payment industry.

Mobile Payment POS Machine-T3 Function Description

  • Versatile Operating Systems: The T3 series offers versions in Android, Linux, and RTOS, allowing users to select the system that best fits their operational environment and technical requirements.
  • Integrated Payment Technologies: Equipped with capabilities for QR code scanning, magnetic card reading, IC card reading, and NFC scanning, the T3 series supports a wide range of payment methods.
  • Durable and Efficient Design: The terminals feature a sleek, stylish, and rugged design that not only looks professional but also withstands the rigors of daily use in various retail settings.
  • Strong Battery Life: Designed for extended use, the T3 series boasts a strong battery life, ensuring continuous operation without frequent recharges.
  • High-Speed Silent Thermal Printing: The device includes a high-speed, silent thermal printer, providing quick and efficient receipt printing without disturbing the customer environment.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: Supports various communication methods including 4G, 2G, and WiFi, ensuring reliable and versatile connectivity options for different business locations and needs.

With its modern design and robust performance, the Trendit T3 series stands out as a new generation of high-cost performance handheld wireless payment terminal devices, aimed at providing efficient and versatile payment solutions.

Product Demonstrations and Customer Interactions

At the AUTOCOM exhibition, many attendees had the opportunity to personally interact with Trendit’s payment terminals, experiencing the entire payment process firsthand. They discovered that the payment process facilitated by Trendit’s terminals is notably stable, reliable, and efficient, leading to high satisfaction among potential customers. This positive reception has encouraged a strong interest in Trendit’s advanced payment solutions, with many expressing a readiness to adopt and advocate for these technologies.


Additionally, Trendit introduced innovative cloud-based products, such as cloud printers and cloud speakers, which captured the attention of many at the conference. These products, particularly the integration of cloud printers with payment systems, are uniquely suited to meet the business needs and payment logistics of the Latin American market. The combination has been well-received for its ability to address specific customer pain points and enhance operational efficiency. As a result, many customers expressed a robust confidence in this new integration, showing keen interest in establishing partnerships with Trendit to foster product localization and further adapt these solutions to regional demands.

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Future Vision and Market Strategy

Importance of the Latin American Market to Trendit

Latin America represents a crucial market for Trendit, underscored by the region’s rapid adoption of digital payment technologies and its growing retail automation sector. Recognizing this potential, Trendit views Latin America not only as a market for expansion but also as a vital area for implementing its latest innovations in smart payment and cloud solutions.

Plans for Local Support Teams and Seamless Deployment

To effectively cater to the Latin American market, Trendit plans to establish dedicated local support teams. These teams will focus on ensuring seamless deployment of Trendit’s technologies, providing on-the-ground support, and facilitating direct interactions with local businesses to tailor solutions that meet specific regional demands.

Long-term Goals for Introducing Higher-Quality Products and Comprehensive Solutions

Trendit is committed to enhancing its product offerings by introducing higher-quality hardware and more comprehensive industry solutions. This strategy is aimed at elevating the overall quality of business operations for their clients and staying ahead of technological advancements within the industry.

Aim for Meeting Local Needs and Fostering Partnership-Based Growth

At the heart of Trendit’s strategy is a focus on meeting the specific needs of the local markets. By understanding and addressing these needs, Trendit aims to foster growth through partnerships. This approach involves collaborating with local businesses to refine and adapt products, ensuring that solutions not only meet the highest standards but also resonate well with local business practices and consumer behaviors. Through these partnerships, Trendit seeks to build a strong, mutually beneficial ecosystem that supports sustained growth and innovation.



Trendit’s participation in AUTOCOM 2024 in Brazil marked a significant milestone in its commitment to advancing retail automation technology in Latin America. The event showcased Trendit’s latest innovations, including the Android POS Terminal-S680, the versatile Mobile Payment POS Machine-T3, and the Restaurant Takeout Printer-P8, emphasizing their focus on enhancing the digital payment experience. These products demonstrated robust features such as multi-operating systems, high-speed thermal printing, and diverse connectivity options, aimed at improving reliability, efficiency, and user satisfaction. With a warm reception from attendees and a clear strategy for future growth, Trendit is set to deepen its impact in the Latin American market through local partnerships and tailored solutions, ensuring that their advanced technologies meet local needs and contribute to the region’s technological progress.

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