P7 Smart Cloud Printer
Provide digital services for stores

4G | WIFl | Receive orders in seconds

Real voice broadcast | Don’t miss any orders

Product main features

Source 19
Don't miss out
Source 20
auto print
Source 15
Order in seconds
Source 17
Out of paper reminder
Source 14
custom template
Source 13
print barcode
Source 12
loudspeaker volume
Source 10
No computeror mobilephone required
Source 8
Power off and reconnect Make up an order
Source 7
Aggregate cloud order
Source 6
Multi-platform cloud
Order management
Source 5
real voice Real-time broadcast
Source 2
Online businessre conciliation
Source 1
Store management
Source 24
Support 4G communication
Source 23
Support dual-band WiFi
Source 18
Power-off anti-lost order
Source 16
Volume -/+adjustable
Source 11
Automatic network change when disconnected
Source 9
smart chip
Source 4
Multi-Platform Orders Auto-order
Source 3
commodity management
Source 22
menu template
Source 21
4G security core performance has been steadily improved

4G+WFi Cloud Printer

High-end version cloud printer.Support two network communication methods. Automatically switch to the other network when one of the networks goes down. Do not lose orders, do not miss orders.

1111 1

4G Cloud Printer

Suitable for shops without WiFi and shops with poor WiFi signal. Automatically connects to the 4G network when the printer is turned on.


WiFi Cloud Printer

Suitable for shops with WiFi network.

12 1

Support the opening of the scan code ordering
function to create your own smart restaurant

121 3
High Volume
123 4
Real-time live voice
122 1
Adjustable volume

Suitable for a variety
of application scenarios

Shopping malls, Restaurants, Chain convenience stores,
Milk tea shops, Clothing stores, Pet supplies, etc

application 1

Compatible with of mainstream takeaway platforms in China

Support customization and color can be selected

Simple and elegant appearance, easy to hold, portable and stable in performance.

P7 Technical Specifications


High performance CPU





Printing Method

Printing on thermal paper


Not less than 87 DB
within 1m

Print Width

Effective print width
is 48mm

Physical Keypad

Bicolor (yellow/blue)

Paper Cutting Method




Power supply

100-240VAC 9V=3A



Frequency band


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