Continuing the Journey: Trendit’s Debut at Futurecom 2023 Payment Exhibition in Brazil


Overview of Futurecom 2023

Futurecom 2023, the largest B2B platform for the ICT sector in Latin America, commenced on October 3rd in São Paulo, Brazil. The event featured over 250 exhibitors, attracted more than 30,000 visitors, and included presentations from 800 speakers, showcasing the latest innovations and trends in the industry.

Significance of Trendit’s Debut in South America

Marking its first foray into the South American market, Trendit introduced its cutting-edge payment terminal solutions, including Android-based terminals and cloud IoT products. This debut highlights Trendit’s strategic expansion into new international markets and underscores its role as a global leader in payment technology.

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Product Highlights

Android POS Terminal Series – S680

This series features a 6-inch display enhancing the user experience with a smooth, efficient interface. Its powerful quad-core processor with a financial-grade CPU guarantees fast, reliable performance and the ability to handle multiple applications seamlessly. Equipped with a dual-camera setup, the S680 facilitates easy QR code scanning and diverse payment operations.

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Linux POS Machine Series – T3

This compact, traditional Linux POS terminal combines portability with robust performance, making it ideal for mobile merchants. It offers a long battery life, high-speed silent thermal printing, and supports a range of communication technologies including 4G, Wi-Fi, and more. It’s designed for versatility with capabilities like 2D scanning and contactless payments, along with support for magnetic and IC cards.

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QR Code Payment Sound Box Series – P3

An innovative cloud terminal that integrates hardware with MQTT technology to support static QR code payments and includes a multilingual voice broadcast system through a cloud speaker.

Restaurant Takeout Printer Series – P8

Designed for takeaway merchants, this cloud printer supports integrated SaaS solutions, enhancing service delivery in the food service sector.

In the dynamic Brazilian market, Trendit’s diverse range of payment terminals—including traditional Linux terminals, Android terminals with keyboards, and MPOS—has become pivotal in sectors like taxis, restaurants, and retail. These products are designed to satisfy the growing demand for advanced financial hardware. At Futurecom 2023, Trendit’s terminals, particularly the T3 and the Android-based S680 and smart machine terminal with a keyboard, attracted considerable interest from financial payment firms, ISPs, and companies within the communications ecosystem, underscoring their relevance and adaptability to Brazilian retail environments.

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Product Demonstrations And Customer Interactions

During Futurecom 2023, Trendit’s booth became a hub of activity with live demonstrations of their latest payment terminals. These showcases provided hands-on experiences to attendees, allowing them to interact directly with Trendit’s technology. The demonstrations facilitated engaging discussions between Trendit representatives and potential clients, enhancing understanding of the products’ capabilities and gathering valuable feedback to refine their offerings. This interaction not only demonstrated Trendit’s commitment to innovation but also strengthened relationships with current and prospective customers.

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Market Impact

Futurecom 2023 significantly impacted the market by showcasing the latest innovations in the ICT sector, particularly highlighting advancements in payment solutions like those offered by Trendit. The exhibition served as a critical platform for companies to display cutting-edge technologies, fostering collaboration and driving the evolution of industry standards. This event not only broadened the visibility of participating brands but also stimulated technological adoption across various sectors, setting new trends in the digital transformation of business practices in Latin America and beyond.

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At Futurecom 2023, Trendit reaffirmed its commitment to the Brazilian market, showcasing a strong belief in its potential. Building on their success in other regions, Trendit plans to bring higher-quality hardware and more comprehensive industry solutions to Brazil. This strategy aims to meet local customer needs and foster successful partnerships with Brazilian entities, setting a promising path for Trendit’s future endeavors in the region.

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