Trendit debuted at PLUS Forum Payments in Moscow, Russia!


Overview of the PLUS Forum Payments Exhibition

The PLUS Forum Payments, also referred to as the Russia Moscow Smart and Mobile Payments Exhibition, took place on September 13-14, 2023. This prestigious event is celebrated as the largest financial sector gathering in Russia and the CIS region. It serves as a pivotal platform for showcasing the latest advancements in smart and mobile payment technologies, emphasizing the integration of Android POS terminals and other innovative payment solutions.

Trendit’s Debut at the Exhibition

As a prominent global manufacturer of payment terminals, Trendit marked its debut at this year’s PLUS Forum Payments by introducing its advanced line of payment POS terminals. Among the highlights were Trendit’s flagship Android POS terminals, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology designed to enhance transactional efficiency and security. Additionally, Trendit displayed its cloud IoT products, signaling a strategic expansion of its financial payment terminal devices into the Russian and CIS markets. This move demonstrates Trendit’s commitment to leading the charge in the evolution of payment technologies across these regions.News 详情页7 04

Trendit’s Showcased Products

S680 Series: Advanced Android POS Terminals

Features and Benefits of the S680 Series Handheld Android POS Terminals

The S680 series of handheld Android POS terminals boasts a large 6-inch screen, resembling a modern full-screen Android smartphone. This design provides merchants with a seamless and smooth payment experience, significantly reducing operational errors and improving work efficiency. At its core, the S680 series is powered by a quad-core, financial-grade CPU, ensuring excellent computing performance. This robust processing capability guarantees fast payments and seamless multitasking between multiple applications. Furthermore, the dual-camera configuration enhances functionality, allowing merchants to conveniently accept payments using QR codes from aggregated electronic wallets and execute additional operations.

Application in Russia’s Digital Payment Landscape

The S680 series handheld Android POS terminals have been specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of local digital payment ecosystems in Russia. These terminals support the wide adoption of digital payments, catering to the needs of a rapidly evolving financial environment. The configuration of the S680 series aligns well with the requirements for quick, secure, and efficient transaction processing, making it highly relevant in the context of Russia’s digital payment infrastructure. The introduction of such fully-featured, cost-effective financial acquiring solutions has garnered significant attention and recognition within the Russian market, indicating a successful integration and acceptance of Trendit’s innovative payment technology.

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T3 Series: Traditional Linux POS Terminals

The T3 series Linux POS terminal exemplifies a perfect blend of tradition and modern technology with its compact and portable design, tailored for handheld use. This terminal stands out with its rugged appearance, ensuring durability and reliability in various operational environments. As a next-generation device, it is recognized for its highly cost-effective and efficient transaction processing capabilities.

Key features of the T3 series include its exceptional battery life, which supports extended operational hours without the need for frequent recharging. The terminal incorporates high-speed silent thermal printing, which allows for quick and quiet receipt printing, enhancing customer interactions. Moreover, it is equipped with versatile communication options, including 4G, 2G, and WiFi connectivity, ensuring continuous service in diverse locations.

Additionally, the T3 series Linux POS terminal is configurable with advanced functionalities like QR code scanning and contactless payment technologies. It supports a variety of payment methods such as magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, and NFC scanning, making it a comprehensive solution for today’s multifaceted payment needs. This Linux-based platform ensures stable performance and security, making the T3 series a reliable choice for businesses seeking a robust payment processing solution.

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P3 Series:QR Code Payment Sound Box Terminal Products

Features and Benefits of the P3 Series QR Code Payment Sound Box

The P3 series represents a breakthrough in payment technology as a self-developed QR code payment sound box terminal. This innovative product seamlessly combines advanced hardware with MQTT solutions to cater to the static QR code payment needs of international merchants. The integration of these technologies ensures that the P3 series offers secure, efficient, and highly reliable payment processing capabilities.

A standout feature of the P3 series QR code payment sound box is its cloud speaker, which includes multi-language voice broadcasting functionality. This allows the terminal to deliver clear, audible feedback and instructions in multiple languages, enhancing the user experience in diverse and multilingual environments. The sound box effectively communicates payment confirmations through auditory signals, greatly reducing the possibility of transaction errors and boosting user confidence in the payment process.

Moreover, the P3 series QR code payment sound box is designed for easy integration into existing merchant systems, offering a flexible and user-friendly solution that enhances operational efficiency. Its robust construction and versatile features make it an ideal choice for merchants looking to upgrade their payment systems with a focus on customer interaction and satisfaction. The QR code payment sound box is more than just a payment device; it is a comprehensive tool that supports the dynamic needs of modern commerce with its innovative design and functional excellence.

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P8 Series: Specialized for Takeaway Merchants

Features and Benefits of the P8 Series Restaurant Takeout Printer

The P8 series is engineered specifically for the dynamic needs of takeaway merchants, featuring a restaurant takeout printer that integrates seamlessly with cloud-based services. This specialized printer is a core component of the series, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient order processing in the bustling food service industry.

A major advantage of the P8 series restaurant takeout printer is its connection to aggregated catering SaaS (Software as a Service) value-added services. This integration allows for streamlined operations, from order management to payment processing, enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of takeout services. The printer supports various functionalities that are crucial for quick-service restaurants, including high-speed printing that ensures orders are printed swiftly to keep pace with high demand.

Additionally, the P8 series restaurant takeout printer is designed to be robust and easy to maintain, making it ideal for high-traffic environments. It offers enhanced connectivity options, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing it to connect easily with other systems within the restaurant. This connectivity ensures that orders received online or through apps are instantly pushed to the kitchen, minimizing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Overall, the P8 series restaurant takeout printer is not just a piece of equipment but a vital tool that supports takeaway merchants in optimizing their service delivery, making it an excellent investment for businesses looking to elevate their operational capabilities and enhance customer experiences in the competitive food service market.

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Market Demand and Product Recognition

Exhibition Highlights: Advanced Payment Solutions and Market Trends

The exhibition showcased sustained market demand for cutting-edge payment solutions, including traditional Android and Linux POS terminals, along with QR code payment sound boxes. These products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of municipal transportation systems, noted for their stability, durability, and high-speed processing capabilities.

Significant attention was captured by the products displayed by Trendit, particularly from Russian banking clients. These clients showed a keen interest in the adaptability of the POS terminals, especially in terms of their ability to be pre-loaded with local tax control modules. Discussions also centered on the cost-effectiveness of these terminals, indicating a strong desire for economically viable solutions that do not compromise on functionality.

Additionally, software integration service providers from Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Uzbekistan engaged in comprehensive discussions about business models tailored for niche markets, including QR code payment sound boxes and restaurant takeout printer. These discussions were characterized as highly productive and mutually beneficial, pointing to a collaborative approach towards exploring innovative business strategies and technology solutions that cater to specific regional needs. The engagements highlighted a strong regional interest in adopting specialized technologies that enhance operational efficiencies and customer service in the payment industry.

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Conclusion:Trendit’s Strategic Expansion and Future Prospects

Throughout the exhibition, Trendit showcased its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of financial hardware products through its innovative lineup, including the smart Android POS terminal S680, traditional Linux POS terminal T3, qr code payment sound box P3, and restaurant takeout printer P8. These products are adept at handling varied payment scenarios in CIS countries, demonstrating their versatility and advanced technology.

Trendit’s international sales team played a pivotal role at the event, actively engaging with numerous banks, distribution channel partners, and software integrators. Their discussions about specific application scenarios and terminal parameters were well-received, earning high praise from potential customers. This engagement has resulted in over 30 banks and independent software developers requesting product samples and scheduling further technical discussions, laying a robust foundation for Trendit’s expansion in the Russian-speaking region.

Trendit adheres to a customer-centric philosophy, continuously striving to create value through the development of cost-effective and technologically advanced financial payment devices and solutions. As we look to the future, Trendit is poised to collaborate with local partners to drive digital transformation within the business community. Together, we are committed to forging a path towards mutual success and sustained growth in the payment industry.

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